What to wear?

How to choose a pair of earrings that looks perfect on you?
Thin, narrow face
Opt for something along the horizontal lines to give you the illusion of width. A big stub earrings would be a good choice. If you like hoops & big earrings, they will never fail to make your day.

Tyne Diva in Red Freedom

Square/round face
What you need is the illusion of length. Go for dangling or a cascade of beeds which give you a long vertical lines. Do not put a complicated earrings which will draw much attention to your faceshape lines.
Stone Cluster Butterfly dreams
Normally, we would get a set of matching necklaces, bracelet and earrings. But I will never bring 3 of them out together. I would choose to match the necklaces + bracelet, or earrings + bracelet. If I were to choose to pair the earrings + necklace, one of them must be simple and small enough.
But again, accessories need a perfect matching outfits too. Personally, I prefer a simple yet elegant style. Do not over stuff yourself with too many accessories. Always remember, we are not decorating a christmas tree. Put on what is needed and that is perfect. :)